Whatever your marketing needs, we have a solution to help you achieve your goals.

Design Drawer’s marketing service incorporates all of our studio skills to help deliver your vision and connect with your audience. We specialise in presenting your ideas, from creating layouts for marketing brochures, to helping with launch events and presentations.

High-end print & digital Media

From brochures and leaflets to websites, banners and social media, we have created content for a wide range of purposes. We know that these need to convey your brand as well as your product and our in-house graphics designer will work directly with you to create eye catching and original layouts ready for publishing.

  • Marketing brochures, signage, lifestyle and product shots
  • Graphic design, illustration, digital imagery, branding, layouts, presentations, copy writing and proofing
  • Digital and full print ready layouts in various formats
  • Innovative presentations and launch events
  • A complete package of services adapted specifically to your needs

Video production services

Our video production services enable us to create high impact promotional trailers, product videos, branded content, stunning visual effects, technical explanations, realistic simulations and much more. We offer a complete production pipeline that will help you connect with your audience, from storyboarding your ideas to publishing your videos. We use a team of experienced, professional videographers to film ground and aerial footage, while our designers and animators can create stunning 3D visuals, sound and effects, to bring your ideas to life.

  • Experienced, professional services giving you complete peace of mind
  • Use of drone footage to enhance your presentation
  • The ability to incorporate live footage with CGI and VFX
  • Multiple formats ready for any marketing purpose, from web campaigns to TV and commercial advertising
  • Technical illustrations, animations, cutaways and visual effects to help explain your vision
Unilever Bio-triggered Encap Protection for Dove products. 3D models and animations created for Carbon Digital
Titles, transitions, maps and results screens created for the television broadcast of the Jupiter London Nocturne bicycle race.
Salford University Research Centre for Excellence. Graphics and effects created for Carbon Digital