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a compilation of game assets

Games Development and Content Creation:

Our extensive portfolio demonstrates a variety of design, technical and artistic experience including, Software development, 3D modelling, graphic design and content creation for games. From character creation to UI design, we combine, adapt and learn new skills with every project.

Game assets to inspire and engage.

We can change our visual style and tools to suit your needs and we’re always happy to explore new ideas and techniques to achieve the best results. Our 3D modellers, concept artists, computer programmers and animators are able to work collaboratively or independently, and have worked with clients on contracts as short as a few to days to full project development cycles spanning 18 months.

Game Environments

With over 30 years experience making content for companies such as Sega, Sony, Disney and many more, our extensive portfolio shows the variation in styles and platforms we have worked on. From hand-held to HD consoles, we are able to create assets using a range of software.

Melbourne Track created for Sumo Digital's F1 game

Character Design and Creation

Our bespoke character services include modelling, texturing, rigging, animation and implementation. From branded characters to concept visualisation, our 3D models can be delivered in various formats.

3D model of Aardman Animations Wendolene character, created for a short film.

Vehicle Modelling

Our portfolio of work includes realistic and concept vehicles, as well as models for various gaming platforms. We will take your ideas, designs and specifications to develop accurate 3D models. Our services include modelling, rigging, texturing, animation and the implementation of materials and shaders.

3D model of a Red Chevrolet
Game Vehicles Gallery

UI and UX Design

Whether its developing the design and flow of an interface, or creating the required graphics to bring your designs to life, we can help. We have worked on UI designs for games, arcade consoles, websites and educational content.

a selection of icons and UI elements created for ParadropVR

Software Development

We have developed software suites, educational games, apps and a library of VR games for bespoke arcade hardware. Our trusted engineers have experience of web API’s, back-end systems, app and console development. We are happy to work with Unity or Unreal to implement and publish content.

Web and Game Architecture

Project Management

We have the experience to manage both large and small projects, internal teams and freelance contractors. From day-to-day schedules, team management and reporting, to resolving problems, collaborating with partners, and keeping you and your stakeholders up-to-date.

Educational software package that let's Primary School children view 3D content

Concept Development

From initial sketches to final designs, we will work with you to develop ideas and concepts that meet your style and brand.

Concept development of of gaming assets

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