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Filup Water Bottle and Dispence Machine Marketing Visual

Product Visualisation:

Our experience of CGI allows us to create perfect digital models of your designs and products. Whether you are raising investment for a new prototype, or wish to create stunning visuals for various marketing purposes, we can help.

A cost effective, fast and flexible product visualisation service.

The retail industry is increasingly moving to online sales rather than physical showrooms and with that, customer expectations are changing: Buyers expect online examples of every design and colour variation, and want to see lifestyle shots to imagine how your products will fit within their busy lives. Product CGI offers the solution, with greater flexibility and consistency over traditional photographic techniques, while being a cost effective approach.

From cosmetics to technology, we can produce detailed, accurate and realistic models, that can be used to create stunning visuals for advertising, pack shots, point of sale materials, product brochures, technical manuals, and video content.

Our visualisation services allow you to explore new design concepts, bring ideas to life, or showcase new products, including material types, colour and surface finishes. We can also show the intricate details of your design by producing cutaways, exploded views, technical illustrations and animations.

  • A bespoke service giving you complete control
  • High resolution, photo realistic images from any angle and in any setting
  • Multiple formats ready for any marketing purpose, from web campaigns to print media
  • Technical illustrations, animations, cutaways and visual effects to help explain your vision
  • Innovative presentations and product delivery using emerging technologies

A fast, flexible approach

We can accurately create your designs, with different materials, colours and finishes, producing multiple images, from different viewpoints, quickly and cheaply.

3D visualisation of water bottle designs

Accuracy and Precision

CGI has become an invaluable tool for producing high resolution imagery, but it’s our attention to detail that provides the real impact.

3D renders of Topps Tiles products created for an advertisement Campaign

Product placement

We can place your products in any environment or setting, apply animations and effects, and deliver still images or video footage, in multiple formats, ready for digital or print delivery.

Filup Water Bottle with splashing water

Looking for something different?

Our experience of CGI allows us to deliver your designs, while our unique experience of different technologies, lets us present those designs in innovative ways.

Holographic models can be viewed from any angle
  • Holographic Displays.
  • Augmented and virtual reality presentations.
  • Animated video presentations with 360° spin, or interactive models that allow users to highlight or zoom in to specific areas.
  • Walk-throughs, fly-throughs, animations, cut-aways & virtual tours.
  • High impact promotional trailers.

We specialise in presenting your ideas

At Design Drawer Studios we believe in providing a cost effective, flexible service, without compromising on quality.

Our ability to provide a range of solutions means we are confident that we have a visual solution to help you achieve your goals.

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